These facial upgrades can be added to almost any facial in order to boost your treatment.


Threading is provided by our resident eyebrow expert, Harsha Patel. To schedule your appointment with Harsha, please call her at 850-238-5200.



This is a delightful upgrade to any massage or facial! If you have hands or feet that need a little extra care, you’ll definitely want to add this…it starts with a delicious smelling scrub to exfoliate the hands/feet. As the scrub melts, it turns into a silky lotion. We then top that off with a warming mitt/bootie for the ultimate skin-softening, moisture drenching treatment aided by comforting warmth to help sooth muscles and joints.


DERMAPLANING (additional 20 minutes)

*Our most popular upgrade!*  

An effective yet gentle exfoliation of the skin, removing the top most  layer of dead skin cells, as well as the fine hair of the face, leaving a smooth surface that is able to better absorb products used during the  facial. A popular upgrade that will help makeup go on smoother and look flawless.                


($40 stand alone)

INFRARED SAUNA SESSION (additional 30 minutes)

Instead of sitting on a hard wooden  bench, recline and relax with the table-top infrared sauna. Benefits include increasing circulation, which enhances blood flow and the  appearance of softer, healthier looking skin.                          



Skin care isn’t only for the face! Drench your hands with an ultra-hydrating mask and drive in the moisture with heated gloves.    



Drench the feet with an ultra-hydrating mask and drive in the moisture with heated booties.      


Facial upgrades boost your treatment and further allow you to customize for your skin care goals.