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Gift certificates at BeYOUtiful Escape in Panama City, FL

Gift Certificates

They are truly one size fits all! For the young, for the seasoned, for the women, for the males…who couldn’t use an hour or two of bliss?! You can choose a dollar amount or service. Gift certificates can be purchased online or in-office.

Candy Scrubs – $9

Shower Sprinkles – $10

These are new for this holiday season and we are absolutely loving them! One little candy will make a delicious smelling scrub. After you’ve scrubbed to your heart’s content, add some water and feel the creamy goodness as it melts into a delectable lotion.
Use the Shower Sprinkles towards the end of the shower for an exfoliation and moisturizing benefits. Choose from a variety of scents.

Gift idea - Candy scrubs and Shower Sprinkles at Beyoutiful Escapein Panama City, FL
Gift ideas - Beauty of Hope candles at BeYOUtiful Escape in Panama City, FL

Beauty of Hope Candles – Prices vary

We are incredibly proud to bring you another seasonal item…these beautifully scented candles! Cotton  wick and USA grown soy wax ensures a clean burn. Not only do they smell wonderful, but each purchase helps to end human trafficking. It’s a win-win situation all around!

Shower Bombs – Mega $4/Regular $2.50

These are the all-time best sellers year round! Turn an ordinary shower into a aromatherapy experience. Choose from a variety of scents. The mega shower bombs last approximately three showers while the regular shower bombs are meant for single-shower use. These shower bombs are hand made upon ordering from a small business in Colorado, so you know they are fresh and toxic-chemical free.

Shower Bombs at BeYOUtiful Escape in Panama City, FL
Warming Mitts and Booties at BeYOUtiful Escape in Panama City, FL

Best in Snow – $20

This duo of warming hand mitts and foot booties are sure to make anyone’s spirits bright. The heat is relaxing and the moisture is incredible!

Leg Relax Treatment –  $12

Not a fan of warming booties? No problem! Soothe sore feet and swollen legs with this incredible elongated cooling booties. This 30 minute treatment has a range of nutrients to hydrate and nourish your skin while leaving your feet and calves feeling fresh. This is a great gift idea for those who work long hours on their feet (teachers, nurses, waitresses, etc.)

Cooling leg booties at BeYOUtiful Escape in Panama City, FL
Body Butter at BeYOUtiful Escape in Panama City, FL

Body Butter – $12

If you’re looking for some serious dry skin quenching lotion, look no further. These Cuccio body butters feel luxe and smell divine!

Bath Bombs – Regular $3/Hemp $9

Why take a bath when you can take a meditative journey with the aromas of essential oils? Drop one bath bomb into a full tub and inhale the tranquility while moisturizing the skin.

Bath Bombs at BeYOUtiful Escape in Panama City, FL
Eye Rejuvenator at BeYOUtiful Escape in Panama City, FL

Eye Rejuvenator – $160

Awaken tired eyes, reduce puffiness, and eliminate dark under-eye circles with safe, quick, and relaxing micro-current treatments. The Eye Rejuvenator increases oxygen and blood circulation to improve the fibroblast activity which speeds up natural collagen production while also increasing the product permeability of eye creams and serums to further enhance their effectiveness

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